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Okay, okay.. I'm a "1st year." No way getting around it. ~_~ So, yeah, I guess it's kind of lame that I started this, but frankly, I want to meet other people and the old-fashioned way of going up to people and saying, "hi!" doesn't seem to do it. *coughs*

Anyway, I truly wonder how many people here actually have journals, so it will be interesting if anyone joins. ^^;;;

I made this because dickinson_edu doesn't seem to be working.

Um.. So about me. I'm from Allentown, PA. Dickinson was my second choice; my first was Bryn Mawr. And well, I got rejected by Bryn Mawr, thankfully, as I've read some pretty horrible stuff about that college. I'm really having an interesting time at Dickinson. The freshmen orientation thing really does help, because although I miss home, I haven't bawled my eyes out or anything. I love my courses, although I'm getting a lot of work. o_o;; But that's okay! I've made a couple friends, but I wanted to make this community in hopes of making some friends via the internet. too.
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